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Modern Day National Political Caucus - MDNPC's Blog is dedicated to the WMU - Thomas Cooley Law School's all former Students, Faculty Members & Staff Members including the 2015 Fall incoming class of Auburn Hills Michigan Campus. Please share your toughts and dont be shy off of writing your blog page. 

We are strive to bring you the raw news and informationin which is un-edited and helpful to the local Community and Community At-Large.

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Cooley AH Political Caucus Chair welcomes all new upcoming student

Posted by WMU Cooley AH National Political Caucus on September 5, 2015 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

MD Alam welcomes all new coming 2015 Fall (September) class. MD Alam founded the Modern Day National Political Caucus as
MDNPC and welcome all JD and LLM students to join in the active political process with the membership.

MD Alam will be attending at this campus as well. Alam wishes the best of luck on the week - 1 assignments and reading materials and on homeworks.

Here is the website of MDNPC:

Find MDNPC on the Facebook:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Cooley Auburn Hills National Political Action Caucus - MDNPC

Tel: (202) 618-0048
Direct: (816) 372-1873

WMU - Cooley "Modern Day National Political Caucus (MDNPC) established

Posted by WMU Cooley AH National Political Caucus on September 5, 2015 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The newly upcoming Septeber 2015 class just oriented on Sep 2nd and Sep 3rd 2015. The newly organized MDNPC which stands for "Modern Day National Political Caucus" is taking place at the Cooley Auburn Hills Michigan Campus. 

Here is the By-Laws of Newly formed organization "MDNPC". 

The by laws is written by 2015 incoming JD student MD Rabbi Alam and welcoming all students to join the MDPNC. The caucus has already launched the website and the founder Chair Md Alam is asking you to participate in this endevour. 


Modern Day National Political Caucus - MDNPC

By-Laws, Year 2015


By Laws: Year 2015

Article I

Name of the Organization

a) The Caucus will be known as “The Modern Day National Political - Caucus” (MDNPC).

b) It is incorporated in the state of Michigan in the United States of America.

Article II

Purpose of this Organization

The purpose of this organization shall be:

a) To stimulate an active interest in Political - relating to political and governmental affairs.

b) To facilitate Political - participation in the National platforms.

c) To promote the ideas and principles of the National Political agendas which is critical.

d) To attract new members to the Political Caucus

e) To help acquaint Political - voters with the political and governmental issues.

f) To encourage and seek Political - candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to Political - voters.

Article III


Section I. This organization shall not endorse or support the candidacy of any person for public office prior to nomination by caucus

National Political - Caucus or in any manner give its influence as an organization the caucus of any candidate or fraction of the National, other than in an election campaign

Section II. This organization may actively support and by appropriate means nominees of the National in National, State and Local elections. It shall endeavor to maintain permanent contact with the voters throughout the area and shall function continuously in order that it may contribute to the growth and influence of the Caucus of Political – Parties of great state of Michigan.

Section III. This organization shall be responsible and committed to affirmative action goals within the caucus

Article IV


Section I. Any Law Students in good standing, attending the WMU Thomas M. Cooley Law School as well as attending any other ABA approved Law Schools in USA, Canada, Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, and Guam

Section II. To preserve the Caucus main Identity as MDNPC, must maintain the 80% of Political - - and 20% of Non-Political - - membership criteria. Section III. Membership is on receipt of dues or as otherwise provided for by the Executive Committee.

Section IV. Members may be suspended for causes and in cases of exceptional gravity may, by three-fourth vote of the membership, be expelled. Any members so expelled shall have the right to appeal the members in good standing by a written motion. A special meeting shall be called to hear the appeal.

Article V

Opening new Chapters

Opening new chapters of the Modern Day National Political - Caucus statewide shall comply with the Rules, Regulation, Ethics, and By-Laws of the Modern Day National Political Caucus. The new Chapters of Caucus shall be established to the Nationwide.

Article VI


Section I.

a) The state committee of the organization shall be called as “Statewide Board” or “Board”. The “Board” of MDNPC shall consist of the following officers.

i. Chairperson,

ii. 1st Vice-Chairpersons

iii. 2nd Vice-Chairperson

iv. Executive Secretary

v. Organizing Secretary

vi. Treasurer

vii. Director of Membership

viii. Director of Outreach/Election Campaign

ix. Director of Fundraising/Finance

x. Director of Communication/IT

xi. Director of Operations

These board officers shall be elected upon election and voting by the members of MDPAAC.

b) The board shall appoint committee chairs and will approve membership of each committee upon recommendations by its chairperson. Following will be MDNPC “Standing Committees”.

i. Rules and by-laws

ii. Finance

iii. Publicity

iv. Health-care

v. Education

vi. Social Services

vii. Legal Affairs

viii. Community Development

ix. Immigration and Homeland Security

x. Business and Commerce

Each of the standing committee shall have one chair and four (4) members. If needed, the organization shall create ad-hock committees according to the need of the Caucus.

Section II.

The duties of each office shall be:

a) The chairperson shall be presiding at all general meetings of the organization, serve as the spokesperson for the organization and appoint committees as needed to fulfill the purpose of the organization.

b) The 1st vice-chairperson shall assist the chairperson in preparation of all meetings and special events.

c) The 2nd vice-chairperson shall assist both the Chairperson and the 1st vice-chairperson and work collaborative and is the back-up of 1st vice-chairperson. In addition, 2nd vice-chairperson shall be responsible for establishing new chapters of the Caucus statewide.

d) The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the organization and shall maintain and prepare all general correspondence of the organization. At the termination of the office, the secretary shall release to the successor all records. The secretary shall submit the minutes of the previous meeting to the Caucus membership for its disposition.

e) The Organizing Secretary shall assist the Executive Secretary and shall be responsible for establishing new chapters of the MDNPC statewide. The Organizing Secretary also shall be the liaison between the ad hock committees (if any) and the Caucus.

f) The Treasurer shall be the custodian off all organization funds and shall disburse them at the direction of the membership. All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer, and either the Secretary or the Chair, except when the Secretary and Treasurer positions are combined, and authority is given to the Secretary / Treasurer by the Chair to make payments because of distance or time constraints. The Treasurer shall present a written report, containing all receipts and disbursement at each regular meeting. The Treasurer shall collect dues and keep the Director of Membership informed of the current roster of active members. At the termination of office, the Treasurer shall have an audit conducted by an independent firm for presentation to the organization. The Treasurer shall submit a current financial report to the Caucus at the 1st Saturday of April in Each year during the annual meeting of the organization.

g) The Director of Membership shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate listing of all membership as well as conducting systematic events and activities to increase the number of members by promoting Membership drive.

h)The Director of Outreach / Election Campaign shall be responsible for outreaching the diverse Political - Communities and shall be conducting systematic campaigns on behalf of the Caucus to support the Candidates for national, state and local elections.

i) The Director of Fundraising / Finance shall be responsible for fundraising and act as the liaison between the statewide board and the Finance Standing Committee.

j) The Director of Communication / IT shall be responsible for the technological support and act as the liaison between the Executive Committee and the Publicity standing committee and support the Caucus for technological needs.

k) The Director of Operations shall be the liaison between all other directors of MDPAAC. The Director of Operations shall be responsible for all type of operational and logistical supports. The Director of Operations and the Organizing Secretary shall work closely to establish the Caucus Counties Chapters.

Committee Chairs:

The board will appoint chair persona for committees to achieve its objectives in areas of interest to MDNPC membership.

i) The Chair for Rules and by-laws shall be responsible for originating all amendments to the by-laws, conduct all elections and all hearing of violations of the by-laws and write the rules for meetings. The Rules chairperson shall also serve as the Caucus Parliamentarian.

ii) The Chair for Finance shall devise ways and means of financing, sustaining and promoting the organization.

iii) The Chair for Publicity shall be responsible for coordinating all publicity for the organization.

iv) The Chair for the Health-care shall be responsible to deals with the citizen’s issues about their health care. The Health-care chair shall act as the advocate of MDNPC and conduct business as the liaison between the governmental agency and the MDPAAC.

v) The Chair for Education shall be responsible to indicate and find issues of the government and establish the education based issues that MDNPC will work on. The Chair of Education also is responsible for advocating the young college bound Political - and bring them to have a better understanding of MDNPC and help the organization recruiting the students in the MDPAAC.

vi) The Chair for Social Services shall be responsible for conducting social service related activities and also act as the liaison between the MDNPC and the government agency of Social Services.

vii) The Chair for Legal Affairs shall be responsible for educating the membership about legal matters and act as the liaison between the governmental agency and MDNPC in term of influencing the leadership for ongoing legal issues.

viii) The Chair for Community Development shall be responsible for community development among the Political - communities in the state of Michigan. Also act as the liaison between the MDNPC and the Governmental agency.

ix) The Chair for Immigration and Homeland Security shall act as the liaison between the MDNPC and the Government agency. The chair of Immigration and Homeland Security takes a key role finding the ongoing issues of the immigrants that need to be addressed in a political point of view.

x) The Chair for Business and Commerce shall act as the liaison between the MDNPC and the Government business agency. The chair of Business and Commerce shall act as the business representative of MDPAAC.

Section III.

The officers shall be elected at the 1st Saturday of April during the Annual Meeting of the organization by a majority vote of the membership present and voting. Officers shall hold and office for not more than four (4) years. Should a vacancy occur the membership should, by special meeting, elect by majority vote and a serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office. Election of the officers shall be by secret ballot.

Section IV.

The order of succession shall be:

a) Chairperson

b) 1st Vice Chairperson

c) 2nd Vice Chairperson

d) Executive Secretary

e) Organizing Secretary

f) Treasurer

g) Director of Membership

h) Director of Outreach / Election Campaign

i) Director of Fundraising / Finance

j) Director of Communication

k) Director of Operations

Section V.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, the 1st vice

Chairperson, the 2nd Vice-Chairperson, the Executive Secretary and the

Treasurer. Rest of the officers of the State Board including the Executive

Committee shall be called at large the “The Board of Director” (BOD). State wide Board shall have five (5) at large members elected from the general membership. There shall be no more than three (3) people (including officers) elected to serve on the Executive Committee from any area.

a) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the implementation of the mission statement and conduct routine Caucus business.

b) b) The Executive Committee shall select and use the


MDPAAC’s official financial institution for the banking operation of the Caucus.

Article VII


Section I.

There shall be three (3) regularly scheduled Caucus meetings in a year.

a) During the MDNPC annual celebration on the 1st Saturday of April each year. The Caucus will convene its annual organizational meetings. The place and time will be decided upon by the membership and will be posted on the Caucus website and marked in the Meetings and activities.

b) 1st Saturday of October of Each year, the place and time will be decided upon by the membership and will be posted on the National’s website and marked in the Meetings and activities.

c) The third meeting will be at the 1st Saturday of December each year. The place and time will be decided upon by the membership and will be posted on the National’s website and marked in the Meetings and activities.

Notification of such meetings shall be made in writing to members at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.

Section II.

Special meetings may be called by a majority of the elected officers at time and place most convenient to the membership.

Section III.

The Chairperson shall convene a special meeting upon receipt of written petition from 20% of the membership. The Executive Committee shall convene a special meeting within three (3) weeks of receipt of the petition and shall notify in writing the full membership at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting.

Article VIII

(a) Membership eligibility:

Section I.

Must be a current Law Student and a former Law Student with JD

Section II.

Membership should be approved by the appropriate authority of MDNPC.

(b) Membership Fees:

Section I.

Membership Fees shall be charged as set forth in this section. Fees shall be

$25.00 annually and shall expire one (1) year from the date on the face of the membership card.

Section II.

Life memberships are available at a onetime cost of $1000.00, payable in Installments of at least $100.00 per year until paid in full.

Section III.

Additional contributions may be requested as the membership deems necessary for the efficient operation of the organization.

Article IX


Section I.

All decisions to be made by the general membership of the organization shall be by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

Section II.

Only members who are present and current in their membership dues, and is in good standing shall be eligible to vote.

Article X


Provision of these by-laws may be amended in the following manner. Any member desiring to so amend must propose the amendment or amendments and forward to the Rules and by-laws Chairperson. For such amendment the quorum is required and 2/3rd majority of voting members must be present and voting will full-fill the quorum. The membership of the organization shall be notified pursuant to article IV.

Article XI

No smoking

There shall be no smoking in any Caucus meeting.

Article XII

Rules of Order

The Caucus shall adopt Robert Rules of Order for governing all meetings.

Article XIII

Mission Statement

The mission of the Modern Day National Political Caucus (MDNPC) is to stimulate an active interest to the Law School students relating to Political and Governmental affairs to facilitate Political - participation in the National, Local and State wide elections and to encourage and seek Political - candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to voters at- large. The Caucus shall also work with the Political Communities to bring their issues to the state and national political attention. We are the Leaders within our own Communities living in United States of America and exercising our Rights in the Main Stream Political Process.

The mission statement shall be reviewed at the every 1st Saturday of April’s annual meeting. The membership will determine, by majority vote, if the mission statement will be changed or not. Changes shall be attached to the current MDNPC by-laws.

Article XIV


The MDNPC is perpetual and based on Mutual benefit, and upon dissolution of Caucus, all of its assets shall be given to a Non-Profit organization which is in a good standing.


By Laws, Written by:

MD. Rabbi Alam, Founder, Chair, MDNPC, September 2, 2015, Auburn Hills, MI – USA


Have any questions: Please contact MD Alam @ (816) 372-1873